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Budget Billing

The Budget Billing program helps members plan their monthly energy payments by paying equal amounts for their electricity each month.


  • The budget amounts are calculated based on the previous 12 months of usage using the current rate along with other applicable charges, including security lights and sales tax.
  • New homes require at least 12 months of usage prior to going on budget billing.
  • The 12th month will be used as the “settle up” month to bring the account to a zero balance. A new fixed budget will then be calculated for the next 12-month period.


  • Residential member
  • Meet online credit check
  • Have a zero balance on account prior to beginning the program
  • Bills must be paid on time to remain on the program.
  • 12-month waiting period to reapply for members removed from the program for non-payment.
  • Members who present a check for payment that is not honored will be removed from the program.

Call us at 1-800-264-7362 or (765) 342-3344 to sign up.


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