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Power of Membership

SCI REMC is one of 40,000 cooperative businesses serving more than 130 million people throughout the United States. As a member-owned non-profit organization, SCI REMC puts the needs of its members first and foremost.

As a Cooperative, SCI REMC is owned by our customers—our members. Each person or entity who receives electricity from SCI REMC automatically becomes a member-owner. Cooperatives are democratic in nature, and each member has an equal vote on matters such as electing directors to the Board who govern SCI REMC.

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to more than 33,000 members. We want to make each contact with us as easy and efficient for you as possible. SCI REMC’s member services staff can assist you with opening a new account, transferring service, billing questions, high bill concerns, and other general inquiries.





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