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Outage Reporting: 1.800.264.7362

What to do if your electricity is off


  1. If your power goes off, check the lights and appliances in other rooms. If you still have power in some areas, most likely a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has opened - a warning of overloaded wiring or a defective appliance. SCI REMC does not repair appliances or maintain the wiring inside the residence.
  2. If all your power is off, check to see if your neighbors have power. This will help SCI REMC determine how widespread the outage may be. It could be a large outage, it could just be your transformer causing the problem, or a main breaker serving just you and several of your neighbors has tripped.
  3. If you have a security light that we've furnished, check to see if that light is out. If so, chances are the power has been interrupted at a point away from your home.
  4. If you have determined that the outage is not due to a problem at your residence or business, call SCI REMC at (765) 342-3344 or (800) 264-7362. Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When there is a widespread power outage, the REMC’s telephone lines will be swamped with calls. Our interactive voice response system (IVR) will answer your call when our dispatch center is busy. You can also get your outage recorded quicker by using our mobile app "SCI REMC Connect."

When reporting the power outage, please provide your name, address, telephone number and account number.


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