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Wood Chip Request

Wood chips will only be delivered to members of SCI REMC.

SCI REMC will deliver wood chips accumulated during the normal course of right of way clearing to any member requesting them (when available). Please fill out the request form below.


Wood chips are a by-product of the maintenance line clearance tree trimming work being done in your area. All desired dumping sites must be marked clearly. Once the chips are dumped, it will become the responsibility of the person making the request to relocate the wood chips. South Central Indiana REMC makes no guarantee to the quality, load size, type or condition of wood chips that have been chipped to make the load. A suitable and accessible dump site is needed for the truck size and condition of the surface being driven on. Our crew foreman may refuse to dump at a site if he or she feels conditions may jeopardize the safety of employees, the general public, or company equipment.

Please note:  Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request BUT South Central Indiana REMC makes no promise or guarantee of time, date or actual delivery of one or more loads of wood debris/chips.


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