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Recycling & Renewable Energy

Your Power

As of 2017, 6% of SCI REMC’s power comes from renewable resources. Renewables provide an important supply of supplemental energy, but they can be quite costly and less reliable than traditional fuel sources. If you would like to generate your own power from renewable resources, visit our Solar Energy page.

At Our Facility

Solar panels were installed at the SCI REMC headquarters in December 2010, and run our electronic sign, which hosts information about SCI REMC and the community. Check out the actual kWh output of our panels!


Greenhouse Gas Regulations

On June 2, 2014, the EPA issued a proposed rule to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants 30% by 2030. Check out more information here about this proposed rule, as well as the co-op's stance.


GoGreen logo of earth on leafy stemRecycling Efforts

Find recycling locations here, for just about anything.

SCI REMC employees utilize office recycling as part of our Go Green efforts. The Go Green Committee was formed by SCI REMC employees in 2008 to find ways to be more environmentally responsible both as a company and a community. SCI REMC employees recycle their paper, cardboard, cans, and other items used in the office. The co-op also collects cell phones and tablets from employees and the public, which are recycled for money that is then donated to non-profit community groups. Past recipients include Martinsville’s Good Shepherd Community Clinic, Wellspring Center, and Desert Rose.

To date, SCI REMC employees have recycled:

  • 146 Cell Phones
  • 33,000 lbs. of cardboard recycled
  • 1,352 lbs. of plastic (equal to 21,632-20 oz. bottles)
  • 5,700 lbs. of paper (equal to 22,800 newspapers)
  • 360 lbs. of aluminum (equal to 12,240-12 oz. cans)
  • 2,300 wooden palletsGoGreen at Morgan County Humane Society



Pictured right: SCI REMC Go Green Committee members visit the residents of the Morgan County Humane Society and donate money from the recycled materials employees collected at the office and cashed in.



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