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Operation RoundUp

Upcoming application due dates for Operation RoundUp meetings:

Next Application Due Dates:   July 31, 2019
           Next Trustee Meeting:   August 14, 2019


As an SCI REMC member, you have a unique opportunity to support Operation RoundUp®, a program that provides financial support to organizations and individuals within the seven counties served by the REMC. And all that is required is the “rounding up” of your power bill.

Established in 1995, Operation RoundUp began as an extension of the electric cooperative principle “neighbor helping neighbor.” So far, SCI REMC members have contributed over $3.2 million in grants to date!

How it works:
Members who participate contribute an average of only $6 per year. A few cents from each consumer adds up to a significant amount of assistance-nearly $132,000 is raised annually through Operation RoundUp. Your power bill is “rounded up” to the next highest dollar amount. The extra cents go directly into a fund called SCI Membership Community Fund  Inc, and is administered by a board of trustees made up of representatives from the communities we serve.

For example, if your actual electric bill is $60.76, it would be rounded up 24 cents to $61.00. The Community Fund mission is to assist with the food, shelter, health, safety and education needs in the counties served by SCI REMC including Morgan, Monroe, Owen, Brown, Putnam, Clay, and Johnson. It helps worthy charitable organizations and civic groups. The Fund does not pay power bills.

If you're not sure if you participate in Operation Roundup, call us at 1-800-264-7362.

Current Operation RoundUp Trustees

  • Marilyn Skirvin
  • Mary Ann Frame
  • John Ehrhart
  • Phil Bastin
  • ​Ken Birkemeier
  • Rhea Boley
  • Darrell White

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